Medical Marijuana Cost in Washington

If you've ever visited a Washington marijuana dispensary or browsed a dispensary website, you've definitely noticed that people who use medical marijuana are handled differently, pay different costs, and have access to medical cannabis items that recreational users do not. 

These benefits are available to medical marijuana users because they have completed the State of Washington-approved licensing process, which includes paying a registration fee, enrolling with a medical dispensary of choice, and getting their medical cannabis card.    

Being a registered medical marijuana patient entails numerous advantages that people who smoke marijuana do not have.


Medical marijuana patients must take precedence over adult recreational users in dispensaries. If marijuana becomes scarce in Washington, patients with medical conditions will be given first priority. 

This prioritization ensures that patients receive uninterrupted medical treatment regardless of the circumstances. Consider becoming an authorized patient to reduce your chances of getting run out of cannabis.

Aside from inventory, medical patients get first priority when entering the dispensary itself. Visitors might anticipate waiting outside for a while; however, medical patients can usually walk immediately into the facility to collect their medication. 

If you despise standing in long lines, being a medical client will save you time and money.


As you will discover on our website, there are separate options for medical and recreational marijuana. This variation in menus is due to the fact that some medicinal marijuana products are only available to patients using medical marijuana and not to recreational users. 

These items may include a variety of medical-grade strains, product varieties, or concentration strengths. 

It is in your best advantage to turn to card-carrying marijuana for medicine patients if you desire the most potent assortment of medicinal cannabis products. 


It's no surprise that recreational consumers pay less for their pot than medical users across the country. Rates may fluctuate and vary greatly, as with any tax, but that doesn't change the reality that medical cannabis is less than recreational when two similar strains are compared. 

With respect to the product intensity, THC percentage terms, and dispensary location, the excise rate on recreational cannabis goods can exceed 28.75%. 

Medical marijuana users can buy the same product for 1% sales tax + local sales tax. A medical patient will pay roughly $105 for $100 worth of flowers and edibles, whereas a recreational consumer will pay approximately $130. Simply said, cannabis is less expensive with an authorized medical card!

Assume you intend to be a regular recreational marijuana user. In that situation, you might think about getting a medical card.    

With the price differential between medicinal and recreational marijuana, the license will pay for itself after only a few visits to the dispensary. Your $25 savings for every $100 purchase can rapidly add up!

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Medical cannabis patients in Washington can grow their very own medicine at home. Growing up to five cannabis plants for private possession and consumption is permitted.

Medical patients are given the option of avoiding dispensaries and cultivating the strains that are most effective for their illnesses. Recreational cannabis cultivation is still prohibited in Washington at the moment. You must, therefore, have a medical condition if you wish to cultivate your own smoke.

As anyone can see, the advantages of becoming a medical cannabis patient are numerous. Medical cannabis cards are an excellent investment for qualified consumers, especially given how much cheaper medical marijuana is and how many more items are available. 

If you reside in Washington and possess a qualified medical condition, I strongly advise you to apply for your medical marijuana card. After all, who doesn't want to pay less taxes?