Medical Marijuana Cost in Florida

Medical marijuana has grown in favor of a viable therapeutic option for a wide range of medical illnesses. However, you may be asking how much medical marijuana costs in Florida. 

In this post, we'll look at the costs involved, including:

  • Medical card 
  • Annual examination fee of doctor
  • Ongoing expenses of buying marijuana 
  • Renewal costs 

Yearly and Initial Examinations Fee of Doctors

To obtain medical cannabis in the state of Florida, the initial procedure is to meet with a competent physician who is registered with the state's Medical Cannabis Use Registry.

The cost of these consultations varies based on the doctor and what insurance you have. In addition, the law of Florida requires follow-up appointments every seven months, which will increase your costs. 

In 2022, an appointment with a physician cost varied from $99 to $350, at a normal cost of $149.

In Florida, you can obtain and renew your Medical Cannabis Use Registry Identification Card.

After your doctor certifies that you are eligible for medicinal marijuana use, you must apply for and acquire a medicinal Cannabis Use Registry card through the State of Florida's Department of Health. This card is required to legally access medical cannabis in the state.

The initial price of the medical card is presently $75, paid to the Florida State Department of Health. This price covers the review of your application as well as the issuing of the card, which is valid for one year. The card you have must be reissued annually to preserve legal access to medicinal cannabis, and the renewal process costs an additional $75.

Dispensary Prices for Medical Marijuana

Once you get your medical card, a world of medicinal marijuana goods awaits you at licensed dispensaries in Florida. Medical marijuana is accessible in a variety of forms, including flowers, extracts, food products, and vape cartridges.

The cost of medical cannabis in Florida might vary depending on various aspects, including the strain, its potency, and the form in which the goods are sold.

When estimating how much medical cannabis will cost for you in Florida, keep in mind that monthly costs can vary greatly depending on the amount, manner of intake, and frequency of use.

Product prices start around $25, while the average Florida patient spends between $100 and $200 per month on medical marijuana.

Yet, here are some samples of average prices for various types of medicinal marijuana:

  • Flowers: Prices range from $6/g for cheap flowers to $9/g for medium-grade flowers and $11/g for top-shelf flowers. 
  • Concentrations are more costly, with extraction from $65 to $75 per gram. 
  • Vape juice cartridges cost $45-55 each.5g or $75-95 per gram.

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Medical marijuana prices in the United States often range from $5 to $20 per gram of flower. That's a significant difference between the most economical and most expensive grams, and it can mount up over time if you buy medical marijuana on a regular basis to cure a health issue. That is why it is important to understand where to purchase medicinal marijuana, which is available legally.