Medical Marijuana Cost in Oklahoma

Since SQ 788 was passed, Oklahoma has developed one of the nation's most extensive medical marijuana programs. With growth that outpaced rival markets like Illinois, Maryland, and Ohio in 2020, Oklahoma's medical cannabis industry surged. Local business owners scrambled to get authorized and operational to meet the rising demand after discovering that there were over 200,000 cannabis patients enrolled. 

The Oklahoma cannabis industry is as near to a free-market system as possible, which is probably a factor in its exponential growth. In addition to being exceedingly patient-friendly, SQ 788 established the ideal environment for conducting business.

Patients in Oklahoma's medicinal marijuana program do not need to suffer from a specified condition, unlike many other states' medical marijuana programs. That is very important! In Oklahoma, physicians are not required to follow a list of accepted diseases compiled by politicians but are free to express their professional medical judgment.

Therefore, it is evident that medical marijuana is here to stay based on the boom in industry and tax revenue. Why not apply for a card to possess medical marijuana immediately and join thousands of other people who have already done so? Find out how to obtain one by reading on! 

A Medical Marijuana License in Oklahoma: What Is the Cost? 

It's considerably simpler than most people think to qualify for medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Oklahoma can implement a straightforward and easy-to-understand mechanism to provide patients with access to cannabis because of the lawmakers who wrote SQ 788.

To begin with, you need to make a visit with a doctor and complete a medical marijuana evaluation.

After your evaluation, you must submit a medical marijuana registration to the legislature of Oklahoma to receive your card by mail. Most doctors will guide you through the process on the spot and answer any queries you may have on your state application.

Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Card at the Lowest Price

In Oklahoma, patients are not required to have marijuana evaluations in a medical facility. Therefore, if you're interested in a marijuana evaluation, you don't need to visit a clinic to acquire one; thanks to recent developments in telemedicine, you don't even need to get up off your couch!

A first-time, in-person evaluation for medical marijuana often costs $150. However, there are additional possible connected expenses, such as:

  • Scheduling time off from work
  • Commuting time
  • contact with sick people
  • Inconvenience in general

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How Much Does the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card Registration Fee Cost?

You must complete and submit your state licensing application once you have passed your medical examination and have a doctor's certification.

You need $100 to apply for medical marijuana in the state. However, you can pay a reduced charge of $20 if you have Soonercare Medicare or are a disabled veteran. When you're prepared to apply, submit the necessary paperwork (such as your Medicare or SoonerCare ID card or any enrollment documentation) to demonstrate your eligibility for the discounted charge.

This fee, which must be paid to the state department in full or at a discounted rate, is an additional expense beyond the cost of the medical evaluation.